History of ACBI

Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland was established in 1999 to bring together the four trade associations representing the independent butcher sector in this country. ACBI has 550 members across the 26 counties and is involved in training and upgrading, setting standards and raising the profile of the CraftButcher. We run a training course with 112 candidates currently, which is FETAC certified.

In the past there were a number of organisations representing butchers in this country, all generally focussed on one geographic area. There was the DMVA (Dublin Master Victuallers Association), IMBF ( Irish Master Butchers Federation), DMTA ( Domestic Meat Traders Association), IBA (Irish Butchers Association) and there were the Cork, Limerick and Galway Master Butchers. There have also been several attempts at a Q (for quality) Guild. With the establishment of ACBI in September 1999 this country now has a national voice for CraftButchers. Starting with 100 members the ACBI has gone from strength to strength with membership now in the 500s.

Liam Handy, who is now Field Officer with ACBI, was the last president of the DMVA, so that link with previous organisations is maintained. Sean Buckley, who was the first president of ACBI, had previously been president of the DMVA.

Members of the previous organisations have played a role in the formation and direction of ACBI and still take a keen interest in developments.

The Association has many roles in assisting and promoting the Craft Butcher. Training, Business Mentoring, Promotional Materials, Marketing Campaigns, Technical and HR assistance, Seminars, Demonstrations, Branded Packaging and Seasonal posters are some of the areas of support available to the members.

ACBI encourages consumers to look for the Craft Butcher logo to be sure of having the very best, traceable, traditionally prepared meat available. Meat from a Craft Butcher is sourced, slaughtered and prepared locally and so reduces Food Miles (helping our carbon footprint), and also eliminating stress to the animals. Transporting animals long distances before slaughter has a detrimental effect on the meat quality. By supporting your local CraftButcher you can be sure of the highest quality produce.

ACBI promotes, trains and advises Craft Butchers throughout Ireland to help make your local Craft Butcher the best place to find value and quality in the current economic situation. Your Craft Butcher respects meat as a quality product and will happily provide cookery tips and storage advice to his customers. Get to know your Craft Butcher. This way, he or she will learn what you like and will always try to have it for you.