The Craft Butcher Difference

Local butchers will be able to trace the source of their meat and tell you exactly where it came from, when it was slaughtered and by whom. This is very important to growing numbers of us who are concerned about industrial farming, and knowing where our food comes from. Harnessing this knowledge allows us to exercise our rights to decide what production process we're happy to support.

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National Craft Butchery Apprenticeship

Co-ordinated by Mayo Sligo Leitrim Education and Training Board, this innovative programme, delivered over 2 years (26 months), integrates “On-the-Job” training where the apprentice will work alongside and learn from Craft Butchers in the workplace.

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Buying & Cooking Meat

When purchasing meat, always opt for your nearby craft butcher. Craft butchers can assure quality and freshness that might be hard to find elsewhere. By supporting your local craft butcher, you not only guarantee the finest meat cuts but also contribute to your community's economy.

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Join the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland

Join a national butchery association led by butchers for butchers. Our mission is to provide support and advocacy for you and your business. Together we are stronger. Join us

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