About ACBI

While economic pressures are hitting the family budget Associated Craftbutchers of Ireland has advised that the best solution to this, as to many things is an old solution; in this case the not so difficult art of meal making.

Families can hit the twin objectives of healthy and economical eating by shopping wisely and learning a few basic skills in putting together a tasty stew or the classic 'Meat and two veg' solution.

Families are being assailed by the fast food industry with a barrage of propaganda about the value to be had from pizza, burger options and the like. While there is nothing wrong with the odd meal of this type it is neither healthy nor economical on a long term basis.

The message? Ask your local Craft Butcher to recommend cuts of meat that suit your budget; along with helping you choose the best value cuts, he will also offer advice on how to cook it. By forming a relationship with your local craft butcher, you are ensuring the best quality meat, at a price you can afford.

The Importance of Buying Local

Help to keep your locality thriving by supporting your local Craft Butcher

Despite supermarket dominance, more and more of us are realising the importance of our local butchers, and the skills and information that they can provide.

Local butchers will be able to trace the source of their meat and tell you exactly where it came from, when it was slaughtered and by whom. This is very important to growing numbers of us who are concerned about industrial farming, and knowing where our food comes from. Harnessing this knowledge allows us to exercise our rights to decide what production process we're happy to support.

Most butchers in Ireland are independent, family run businesses, and buying from them helps to support our local communities. The money we spend there will stay in the local area instead of being siphoned off to investors in the form of profits, and so is of benefit of everyone in your area. From the farmer who rears the meat to the person who delivers it, by shopping local you are supporting your community, in the most positive way possible.