Craft Butchers Western & Northern Regional Sausage & Pudding Results

5 Aug 2015

Sausages with mash and red onion January PAU19801 Paul Sherwood


Winners & Runners Up in each category go forward to the National final in September at Citywest at Food & Hospitality Ireland


Western Regional Sausage & Pudding Results


Black Pudding Category

WINNER Sean Keane, Newport

Runner-up Des Moran, Clifden


White Pudding Category

WINNER Des Moran, Clifden

Runner-up Sean Keane, Newport


Traditional Sausage Category


John Shannon, Kiltimagh

Gavin Mitchell, Drumlish

Runner-up John McGrath, Galway



Mark Jennings, Dunmore

Roger Finnerty, Galway

Sean Keane, Newport

Des Moran, Clifden


Speciality Sausage Category

WINNER John McGrath, Galway - Turkey Sausage

Runner-up John Shannon, Kiltimagh – Sweet Chilli Sausage

Runner-up John McGrath, Galway – Chilli Sausage



Roger Finnerty, Galway – Pork & Garlic Sausage

John McGrath, Galway – Smoked Sausage

Roger Finnerty, Galway, Pork & Leek Sausage

John McGrath, Galway – Pork & Leek Sausage

Roger Finnerty, Galway – Pork & Black Pepper Sausage

Roger Finnerty, Galway – Pork Hickory BBQ Sausage

John McGrath, Galway – Stout Sausage

John Shannon, Kiltimagh - Old English Sausage

John Shannon, Kiltimagh – Cumberland & Sage Sausage

Mark Jennings, Dunmore – Chorizo Sausage

Roger Finnerty, Galway - Pork, Tomato & Basil Sausage

Mark Jennings, Dunmore – Pork & Apple Sausage



Northern Regional Sausage Results


Traditional Sausage Category

WINNER EWS Butchers, Donegal


Speciality Sausage Category

WINNER EWS Butchers, Donegal – Turkey sausage

Runner up EWS Butchers, Donegal – Italian sausage

Runner up EWS Butchers, Donegal – Gluten Free Pork & Leek Sausage