Ireland’s Friendliest Butcher

8 Mar 2013

As part of Craft Butchers 'Relish your Meat Week' Goodall's Ireland is on the hunt for Ireland's Friendliest Butcher.

Over the recent weeks they have received over 500 nominations for Ireland's Friendliest Butcher.

The nominations have now closed and below is the shortlist of 20 Butchers.

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Voting Guidelines

- Voting on the shortlist will commence on the 10th of March on the Goodall's website and will close by midnight on the 16th of March 2013
- Only one vote per IP address will be accepted. If you are using a wi-fi connection or a company phone or pc you may be sharing an ip address with somebody else, if somebody else has voted from that IP address already you will only be able to see the results screen and will not be able to register a vote.
- Votes can only be registered on


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