Press Statement John Hickey CEO - Tuesday 22/01/2013

23 Jan 2013

The following statement was read out Tuesday morning by Pat Kenny on RTE Radio 1 "Due to the time constraints of The Frontline programme, we deeply regret that we didn't have the opportunity to reply to the offending assertion by a member of the IFA that "the majority of Irish butchers bought their products from the back of white vans, with absolutely no idea where the product was coming from". The Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland operates a Certification Programme for its members which demands best in class standards. All Certified Members must have an approved suppliers list and furthermore we insist that all products be they imported or otherwise must be fully labelled and traceable. We call upon the IFA representative to withdraw and apologise for his comments made on The Frontline programme last night". John Hickey, CEO ACBI

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