Buying Irish Lamb

LambWhen shopping for Irish lamb, select lean cuts and use low fat cooking methods such as roasting, broiling, grilling, braising, or stewing.

Lamb that has dried out edges and does not smell fresh, should not be purchased. Lamb that has a slimy feel should be avoided. Excess liquid may indicate that the lamb is old or has been stored at the incorrect temperature. It may also indicate that the meat has been previously frozen. Lamb that has little excess liquid on the tray is the best to purchase. Cuts of lamb may vary in color from pink to light red but should always look fresh, not dull or slimy.

The fat should be white and waxy looking. The bones should be reddish in color and moist. If you plan to grill lamb chops, you will get the best results if you choose rack, loin, or sirloin chops. If your recipe calls for chops to be marinated and then baked, shoulder chops are a much better and cheaper choice.

Always buy local. Remember, to keep your town in business, keep your business in your town.