'A Butcher is for Life, Not Just for Christmas'

Christmas, the busiest time of year for many butcher shops, simply because Christmas dinner is the most important family meal of the year and quality is top priority, this means your Local Craft Butcher is "The One You Trust to Bring the Real Taste of Christmas to your Table."

Once again Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland are asking customers to please remember 'A Butcher is for Life, Not Just for Christmas' and that your continued support throughout the year is what enables a butcher to be there for you and your family each Christmas.

While some butcher shops have closed due to the massive pressure from supermarkets and discounters, we have many butcher shops that are thriving as they respond to market changes and changes in consumer shopping and eating habits by means of innovation both in store and across product range, they also have strong support from customers all year round!

Butchers are our answer to honest, reliable, quality meat. If shoppers don't support butcher shops all year round they will not be there to save the day at Christmas. Click Here to Tweet this logo

In support of your local Craft Butcher please share the below pic on Facebook and tell us who is your local Craft Butcher #MyButcherForLife or visit Twitter Instagram to do the same.

Thank you for your support.

2019 A Butcher is for Life SM Post