ACBI Certification Programme

Craft Butchers Certification

This year ACBI had a series of Road shows throughout the country One of the key features of these road show to introduce and explain the ACBI Certification Programme to our members, with a questions and answers session hosted by Eoin Barry to address any concerns that our members may have. Our certification manual now incorporates the contents of the EHOAs Butchers Booklet. I would like to extend a very sincere word of thanks to the EHOA for the many hours of hard work they put into the creation of the Butchers Booklet which provides great clarity for our members in understanding the very practical requirements of the EHOs.
There are at this present time of economic difficulty many serious challenges facing our butchers, a 20% reduction in consumer food spending, discounting by retailers of meat products simply to attract additional foot fall into their stores, discounters focussing more and more on pre packed and value added meat products.
To defend our position and come back fighting butchers need to unite behind a clear strategy and be prepared to make some bold moves towards reinventing their business.
Amongst a number of initiatives currently being explored by ACBI are; Best returns on space utilisation, range expansion trials to include dairy wall and ambient grocery products, a central buying and distribution model but most important is our move towards a certified membership.

What does Certified Membership mean?

A Quality Standard Manual has been created specifically for ACBI. Our members will be audited against this standard and on the successful completion of this audit the member will be awarded Certified Membership of the Association. Your certified membership status will appear in a Michelin Star like format on the front of your premise.

How does one get Certification?

A number of half day workshops will take place around the country. The workshops, delivered by technical experts will take you through the Quality Standard Workbook, show you what is required and answer and assist you with any concerns you might have. Once you are happy that you are at the required standards you can then request your audit. You will be audited under the modules contained in the Quality Standard Manual. Should you be unsuccessful in any particular module audit one to one support will be provided to help you with your areas of non-conformance.

What are the advantages of Certified Membership?

1. Standards of the certified butcher shop will be such that the certified member should be in a position to apply to join the Bord Bia Quality Assurance scheme with little difficulty.
2. You will be included in our consumer advertising campaign that will commence in 2012.
3. Certified membership will enable you to avail of our central promotional programs and special offers that will be put in place with key suppliers within the meat industry.
4. You will be in a position to avail of our exclusive up market range of own label products under the Craft Butchers new certified brand.

Most important, you will be making the statement that as a certified member of ACBI, you are in a class apart. You are a destination retailer offering a quality service second to none. You will be contacted by your support team over the next few weeks advising you as to where and when the workshops will take place. We look forward to your support in this very critical initiative in the history of ACBI.